Sunday, March 18, 2012

Golfing suprise

Today I was down in Loveland playing golf when I saw a couple gulls fly toward lake Loveland. I told myself that I had to go find those birds. I put my clubs in the car went driving. Sure enough I spent 30 minutes there until I spotted and identified all the gulls when I stopped on a couple. Right then I said, we got a California gull. Suprised by my luck in the past week and days, I decided to make a drive down to Walden ponds where there were reportings of horned grebes. I drove up and there they were. 2 horned grebes. This week has brought in some new birds for me. I hope it can last longer. Sincerely, Omeganook


  1. Good for you for tracking down the birds and way to go on 2 new birds! What is your number now? Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. I'm just doing a junior big year in Colorado so don't be surprised by the number. I'm around 116 birds seen this year.

  2. Oh, only in Colorado, very cool! I think it would be fun to focus on a big year in one state only sometime than you can really focus on that area. 116 is terrific for one state by March!!!!!