Friday, December 30, 2011

The junior big year

Hello fellow bird watchers out there. I'm 12 and planning on doing a junior big year this year. My goal is to get over 400 species. I've been doing birding for 2 years now and have loved it. Although this may seem like a hard task, I'm still doing it for the passion and the fun of it. I've never done a big year before and don't have a lot of experience but with the help of my friend,and his dad, I think I can accomplish a lot. I hope you can give me feed back.

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  1. hi Omeganook.... I'm Gabriel's mom. As you probably know, Gabriel did his big year last year. This is going to be a wonderful and exciting year for you. So much to discover and learn along the way. I wish you all the best on your journey. It looks like you have had a great start. I look forward to following your progress. Have fun. Mary

    ps... let us know if you ever get to Virginia..